DevOps, what’s in it for me (the engineer)?

Miceli & Weers
1:40-2:55, Hatch D


Description: We know DevOps is good for business, but what’s in it for the developers? If you’ve ever needed a reason to get on the bandwagon, come find out what’s in it for teams and individuals on those teams doing the work. Learn how to do it right, and we’ll also share stories on doing it the wrong way. We have epic stories of failures and success that will vex the audience. Outline: 1. Intro 2. Devops == Balance 3. Your CIOs Quality curve - low quality and high visibility VS high quality and love visibility 4. Just Fix it - The emergency response curse 5. Analogy of Safety gear in Scuba 6. How to epic-ally rack up millions of spend$ 7. Draft into failure -Alaska 261 had a stabilizer failure. 8. But that wouldn't happen in software (a story from HP) 9 .Then a story from Micron 10. So Why? 11. Impact 12. Quality of life 13. Technical Trash 14. KISS

Presenter Bio

DevOps enthusiasts: John Weers & Jane Miceli