PowerShell Toolmaking: Function over Form

Ryan Coates
3:05-4:20, Barnwell


Take your PowerShell up a notch by creating more than just scripts or commands, use PowerShell functions to create re-usable and parameter bound tools to use by yourself, or share with others We will cover converting simple commands and scripts into functions, as well as combining functions into modules to share among your team or the community at large

Presenter Bio

Ryan is a Senior Azure Architect at a global financial services company, and formally the Azure practice director for one of the nations largest resellers. Always interested in 'the next best thing' Ryan has had a distinguished career as a Virtualization and Datacenter consultant prior to picking up the cloud mantle first with AWS and for the last seven years focusing on Microsoft Azure Today Ryan helps deliver cloud governance and control to a global Azure footprint and provides direction and consulting on DevOps practices across the organization. Ryan helps to run the Microsoft Cloud usergroup in Boise and regularly speaks and teaches on a variety of current technology stacks. Also, Ryan likes beer.