Installing and Managing Kubernetes With Rancher

Dave Sargent
4:30-5:45, Lookout


Whether you need to manage one on-premises Kubernetes cluster or many different clusters on-premises and in the cloud, Rancher is a great open-source solution that might be the answer you are looking for. In this talk, I will provide a very brief overview of the benefits of using Rancher as your control plain, then install Rancher, create a Kubernetes cluster, and discuss care and feeding of the stack. I will end with how Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories has been using Rancher for the past year and where we are going with it in the future. Ideally, attendees should have a working understanding of Docker containers and at least a brief understanding of what Kubernetes does to get the most out of this talk.

Presenter Bio

I am a Lead Software Engineer with twenty years of experience, currently leading the DevOps implementation at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. in eastern Washington State. Most of my experience is in the Microsoft stack, including ASP, ASP.Net, and ASP.Net Core. This last year I’ve focused on standing up on premises Kubernetes clusters and transitioning our internal application development to containers. I enjoy reading books, playing games, traveling, and outdoor adventures.