Coder's Club Playground

Kim Miller
3:05-4:20, Jordan C


We have over 110 kids in our K-5 Coder’s Club at Barbara Morgan STEM Academy! We meet once a week, after school, and have staff, parent, and industry volunteers come and assist our students in learning how to code. We are primarily using the curriculum from, and our students are exploring many other languages and platforms through a variety of sites, games, and apps. This is our 5th year running a Coder’s Club, and we would love to share lessons we’ve learned, and struggles we’ve had in order to help other schools get a club started for their students. After a short presentation, we will bring 30 of our iPads to facilitate a play time for youth to explore the apps and curriculum our students use. We will also bring the Ozobots, BB8, Puzzlets, Dash & Dot robots, Osmo Coding, WeDo2, and EV3 robotics for kids to explore with. Come and learn from some of our students how we code at school! We will conclude the session with a Q & A time for anyone aspiring to begin their own Coder’s Club at their school.

Presenter Bio

Kim Miller is a 2nd Grade teacher at Barbara Morgan STEM Academy in Meridian, Idaho. She has 27 years experience in integrating technology into a primary classroom. Kim is also a Discovery Educator Star, and serves on the Idaho Leadership Council for Discovery Education. She provides training for Discovery Education, technology integration, and STEM for schools and districts in the state of Idaho. Kim has also led school technology teams, and designed and implemented iPad integration projects at the school level. She was named the 2016 West Ada School District Teacher of the Year, and awarded the 2016 Jacob’s Educator Award for Excellence in Integrating Technology in Education. Kim’s passion is to see all students using technology as a tool to learn and to create! You can view classroom projects on her website at