Firestore Intro: A chat app using Firestore and Vue

Darryl Kilzer
4:30-5:45, Jordan A


We will build and review a chat app using the Vue front end framework and go serverless by incorporating Firestore. Some of the cool features of firestore will be utilized, like creating listeners for our database to automatically fetch data updates. These will pair up with vue to make a fully reactive chat app. General knowledge of vue or frameworks is useful for following along.

Presenter Bio

Darryl is an instructor at BoiseCodeWorks who enjoys sharing his passion and knowledge for software development. He spends all of his free time writing software, learning, and going into the outside! Darryl enjoys building video games. Every time he learns a new framework or tool, his favorite way to do so is to create a video game. This is because games are generally quite challenging to develop and once you can build a game with something, you can build anything!