Running Databases on Docker

Sean Scott
11:10-12:25, Hatch A


This presentation addresses intermediate topics for running databases within Docker containers. It is intended for an audience already familiar with Docker or those who have attended "An Introduction to Running Databases on Docker." Docker can be leveraged with great effect to challenge the status quo for deploying, managing and supporting databases. This session goes into intermediate techniques for using Dockerized databases and considers their practical application in operational environments. Participants will learn: - Achieving data persistence with containers - Moving and sharing data and databases between containers, hosts, and operating systems - Saving customizations to Docker images - Preparing database containers to support more complex environments

Presenter Bio

Sean has been working with database technologies since the late 20th century. His areas of interest include high availability, throughput, performance tuning, and automation. He has presented at conferences across the US and internationally, presented webinars, and contributed to numerous database publications as author and technical editor.