Getting started with Gatsby.js

Marcus Lyons
4:30-5:45, Hatch C


Gatsby.js is a static site and PWA generator. Using Gatsby, one can build a static site, or app, in minutes with a ton of features, speed, accessibility, and other enhancements out of the box. Gatsby uses React for markup, GraphQL for data access, and a rich plugin and starter system for customization. This talk is for anyone interested in React, GraphQL, creating their personal site, or just wanting to play around with some awesome tech.

Presenter Bio

Marcus is currently a Software Development Engineer in Test at Healthwise but has been a full stack developer in the past. A graduate of the first cohort from Boise Code Works, he enjoys learning about all the cool things happening in the world of tech, whether that's frontend, backend, develops, what have you. He also enjoys spending time with his family and teaching his boys' new ways to explore the world around them, both with and without the help of technology.