How a Web Browser Works

Brice Johnson
3:05-4:20, Jordan B


Web browsers are often a black box that developers throw In this session we will dive into the process a web browser uses to render a page including: - How HTML is parsed into the DOM - How CSS is attached to the DOM & CSSOM to create the render tree - How the layout is built from the render tree - How the final layout components are painted and composed onto the page Understanding the inner workings of a web browser will help you develop better web applications and understand how to troubleshoot and improve page performance.

Presenter Bio

Brice Johnson is a Senior Associate at Allata. He joined the company in March of 2018 after moving to Boise from Dallas Texas. Brice has worked on projects for the retail, medical, and energy sectors. Brice's favorite aspect of being a Software Consultant is building things that clients love, his least favorite aspects are bureaucracy and politics. When not slaving away at work, Brice enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids, trail running, triathlon, and woodworking.