GraphQL - A Demo on Usage, Benefits & Use Cases

Josh Davidson
3:05-4:20, Hatch C


This talk aims to cover what GraphQL is, what it can do for applications and give anyone with a basic understanding of APIs the ability to recognize how it might be useful in their current and future projects. Rather than discussing low level implementation details, this talk will use a live demo to provide an implementation agnostic visualization of what is going on under the hood as it touches on use cases and features. Beyond that it covers what GraphQL is and isn’t, what querying a GraphQL endpoint looks like, comparisons with RESTful architectures and tradeoff considerations.


Presenter Bio

I'm a lover of all things tech and enjoy opportunities to share that excitement about using clean efficient code and emerging technologies to build elegant applications. My current role is as a consultant with Accenture affords me the unique opportunity to work with companies across many industries to develop leading edge solutions for challenging business problems. I enjoy collaborating with local devs and am a regular attendee of Boise Code Camp and Hackfort events. I look forward to building on that collaboration by sharing what I've learned to teach others about lesser known, but powerful, frameworks and libraries.