Business Agility

Jason Dean
1:40-2:55, Hatch A


Business Agility is the ability of an organization to adapt quickly to market changes both internally and externally. It enables organizations to respond to constantly changing customer needs. Business Agility is also about using Lean, Agile, DevOps, and other mindsets and practices to integrate adaptive thinking all the way through the solution lifecycle. This enables the business to continuously be at a competitive advantage. In this session we will discuss the mindset and practices of Business Agility and how it can be leveraged by practitioners and managers of any size organization to ensure that their customers are able to get high quality and value from an organization's limited resources. It will connect the dots between practices to help organizations understand the value that can be achieved holistically. Knowledge of key concepts such as lean, human centered design, agile Scrum and Kanban, DevOps, and Agile scaling are helpful though basic definitions will be provided.

Presenter Bio

I serve Micron IT in their transformation to an Agile way of thinking and working. I work to enable the organization to adopt Agile practices and behaviors, thought processes, and apply the concepts and principles of Agility to the problem of delivering the best possible solutions to our customers. I am part of an Agile Transformation team and a group of leaders who are partnering to help teams, programs, and organizations mature in their Agile journey, and take Micron to an entirely new level of hyper-competitive capability.