How to Build a Succesful Software Business or Startup

Shawn Bailey
11:10-12:25, Barnwell


Software Development and Engineering skills are among the most sought after skills in the United States. While other countries produce a higher number of graduates in STEM areas, the U.S. domestic software professional still dominates the market when it comes to adopting new technologies, creating Web-based systems, applying critical thinking, and skillfully executing agile methodologies. You may be thinking about building your own software venture, or you may want to start software consulting. This presentation is about how you do one, the other, or both! You may be an expert software professional, but that doesn't automatically make you an expert in the software business. Topics include Business Planning, Raising Capital, Generating Revenue, Entrepreneurship, and Assessing Your Commitment. We will discuss how to bridge the gap between software development methodologies and strategic planning for investors.

Presenter Bio

Shawn Bailey has been involved with the internet ever since Al Gore Invented it. He started his first business at 16 years old as a mobile DJ and grew that business until he owned 2 dance clubs and 4 mobile systems. He managed tours and promoted concerts. In 1998, he sold his business to focus on becoming a software engineer and moved to Boise to work for Micron Technology. Shawn began consulting in the medical software industry in 2004 and in 2006 accepted an offer as the President and CEO over a mid-term startup named OnFile. OnFile had invested ~$8.6 million in Personal Health Records. Shawn re-organized the company, raised an additional $2.3 million, and built a team that created a next-generation SaaS Prior Authorization Solution. Currently, Shawn is the Principal Consultant of Bailey & Associates. His mission is to revitalize and accelerate growth with my small & medium-sized business clients by creating strategic partnerships in core areas of their business.