Simulating networks using net namespaces in Linux with Python

Doug Applegate
3:05-4:20, Berquist


Get some insight on some crazy network functionality you didn't know exists on every Linux box. If you've ever wanted to learn computer networking but just didn't have enough switches and routers, then simulated it! We'll dive into Python scripts to automate the process of building simulated private networks including a fake 'internet' and cool VPN software called Wireguard. All using Linux namespaces--the underlying technology of Docker.


Presenter Bio

I have been a Computer Networking Software Engineer for 5 years at Cradlepoint. I'm passionate about computer networking from Cisco devices to the Linux networking stack. I also love sharing what I know and collaborating with other peeps that share my interests. My most recent cool projects involve automating simulated networks and IPSec VPN technologies.