Agile at Distance and Scale: Working with a distributed team and customer base

Robert Pepka
3:05-4:20, Hatch D


In the modern world, customers of software products are almost always distributed. More and more often our development teams, stakeholders, and even management are also becoming more remote. Whether working with people in another part of the office or in another state entirely, effective teams require processes that scale to support these distances. This presentation covers battle tested solutions used in the real world to handle these problems. It includes processes used for agile/scrum style software development. It includes discussion of tools to help with these processes. You'll hear about how these help manage expectations from growing customer base, communicating with stakeholders and customers, tracking needs and plans, organizing work, and supporting your team. If you want to learn all kinds of options our team has tried: ones we succeeded with, ones that let us down, and why, then this is the presentation for you!

Presenter Bio

I am a Software Engineering Manager at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. I am responsible for development of a modern React and Go based web application. I manage a team geographically dispersed and coordinate with customers across the United States. Previous experience includes development of firmware automation and testing tools.