Creating Discord Bot with Discord.js in Node.js

Drew Christensen
4:30-5:45, Hatch A


In this presentation, I will walk participators through how to create a simple Discord bot from scratch, including a basic Node.js tutorial. I'll review creating a Node.js module, installing Node.js modules, and then make basic bot functionality using Discord.js, allowing it to respond to basic commands. Functions the resulting bot will have may include ping (to test bot latency), avatar (to display a profile picture), rps (to play rock paper scissors), or even blackjack depending on the amount of time we have left after everything else.


Presenter Bio

I'm a 17 year old male attending Renaissance High School, currently taking classes to receive an Associate's Degree from Idaho State University. I love video games, programming, linguistics, tabletop RPGs, and math. I especially love all things Nintendo.