Modular App Design and Development with Prism

Dan Siegel
11:10-12:25, Hatch C


In this deep dive we'll explore some advanced concepts around building Mobile Apps with Prism. You'll learn how Prism's Modularity API can help you generate dynamic content and experiences for your users, optimize app performance and developer experiences. Building Mobile Apps is challenging enough by yourself, but the complexity of working with various teams to deliver a single app can be even more of a challenge and is another area where Prism Modularity really shines. Learn techniques that Dan has used with various clients to help solve the complex needs that various teams may be encountering and see how these solutions can work for end to end.

Presenter Bio

Dan is a Microsoft/Xamarin MVP who is a member of the Prism team, and a Cloud and Cross Platform Consultant. He is an avid open source contributor and author of several Prism Plugins and developer tools.