Introduction to NoSQL Databases

Jim Hoffman
1:40-2:55, Hatch A


This is an introduction to NoSQL technology. We will cover what is NoSQL, its History, and how it is used. There will be examples in several different NoSQL databases as well as a discussion and why you would choose one technology over another.

Presenter Bio

I am an experienced software engineer with years of varied development experiences. Lately I have been straightening out poorly productive teams. Building confidence and ownership over the team's work. This usually is accompanied with repairing relationships with other teams in the company. I have also been improving training and technical growth in my last few positions. I find this goes hand in hand with improving teams. It is a great way for young ambitions developers to prove themselves by demonstrating cool new technology without getting in over their heads with production realities. In the more technical areas I have been architecting data processing systems for for scalability. This usually requires me to break up an existing system into many smaller systems that can run in parallel. I have been moving more toward the micro-services architecture. I am constantly working on keeping up with the latest concepts and trying to balance that with production realities. I usually try to present every year at code camp in order for me to keep up with the industry. In my past I have worked for everything from startups to large corporations. I have done both user interface and backend server work, although most of my experience is in the backend. I have worked in both Microsoft and Java technology. I have been almost exclusively in the java world for the last seven years. I have always loved the craft of developing software. I am start to be more and more interested in passing down my experiences and wisdom to the younger generation.