The Darker Side of Testing: Blackbox Testing

1:40-2:55, Alexander


Blackbox Testing involves testing software without knowing the internals of the code. This is a survey presentation, covering a broad set of topics meant to expand your interests and provide self-study opportunities. We will cover: * Schools of Thought: Where we have been, why testing has changed. * Testing Missions: How to know what you should test * Testing Strategies: How to make your testing organized * Testing Tactics: How to make your testing better This will include practical examples as well as theory. You do not need to attend the whitebox session to gain value from this talk. However, these presentations are meant as a pair and will not cover the same material.

Presenter Bio

Jeremy Carey-Dressler (aka JCD) is an automation tester and toolsmith. He has been testing hardware, software and firmware across multiple industries for over 15 years, with a special focus in automation. He teaches and lectures at conferences while continuing to search for new ways to push the boundaries of automated testing in order to improve the craft.