Tips for Running Docker Containers in Production

Chris Campbell
4:30-5:45, Berquist


Container technology is powerful and it’s simplicity makes adoption in most organizations inevitable. However, with any paradigm shift we must rethink the way many things are done. After three years of running containers, we’ve learned the hard way of what it takes to move from prototype to production deployment. I will be discussing solutions to what I see as the four main challenges of running containers in production; implementing quick reliable deployments, maintaining service uptime, identifying issues before customers, and doing it all with adequate layers of security.

Presenter Bio

My background is in Computer Science, graduating from Oregon State University in 2010. I work most often in Golang, .NET Framework/Core and Javascript. I started at HP as a firmware engineer, but quickly moved into front end development building single page web apps. For the last three years I've been working on converting a monolith application into a set of distributed microservices using Docker as the primary technology to enable this. My responsibilities include maintaining several Docker Swarm clusters (finding ways to automate it as much as possible), building out our CI/CD pipeline and maintaining / developing several applications and services.