Crossroads of Location Services

J. Michael Palermo IV
1:40-2:55, Boyington


In a world of drones, self-driving cars, talking devices, and all things IoT, a common denominator is the need for location services. For desirable features such as visual (or not) map data, tracking a position, or determining the best route, location services are in demand. In this session, you will not only learn core location services terminology, you will see how easy it is to incorporate in your solutions. You are at the crossroads with choices: SDK, REST API, or AWS SAR deployments. Which path will you take? Join the session and discover it for yourself.

Presenter Bio

Michael is an international speaker/trainer and has been evangelizing innovative technologies for nearly two decades. Michael's current passion is empowering developers to understand and integrate location services. Michael is a published author of technical books as well as online courses with Pluralsight. Prior to HERE, Michael evangelized "smart home" at Amazon on the Alexa team. Prior to Amazon, Michael evangelized web technologies at Microsoft. Get Michael's latest insights by following him on twitter via @palermo4.