Build a Better Password

Noah Heck
9:45-11:00, Farnsworth


The technology industry has seen significant changes in recent years. Recently, the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) updated their recommendations on the best way to create passwords for computer systems. Our goal is to provide attendees an understanding of the shortcomings of the old recommendations and the benefits of the new. We'll also cover some tools and tips they can use to ensure their online security is maintained. (Note: the technical jargon will be left at the door; good for techies and non-techies alike)

Presenter Bio

Noah is a PHP developer, father, and husband (not necessarily in that order). He is a co-organizer for Idaho PHP, enjoys mentoring and developing successful software developers, and believes the best thing we can do in life is help each other achieve our dreams. --- He likes his coffee black with three sugars.