An introduction to VueJs using the Vue CLI

Mark Ohnsman
3:05-4:20, Hatch B


Have you been hearing about this new framework VueJs and want to learn more? Join me as I walk you through the foundations of VueJs, how you can use it to quickly get started and why you should consider using it to power your next progressive web application. This talk will be a brief introduction to the VueJs framework using the Vue CLI tool. Topics covered will be starting up a new project, basic structure created by the Vue CLI, data binding, conditional rendering, props & components, and state management utilizing Vuex

Presenter Bio

Starting with several self-taught courses on programming, learning the basics of HTML/CSS, the fundamentals of javascript, and a bit of Python, he eventually found Boise CodeWorks. Once completing the course Mark was approached by the instructor and CEO and because of the unique balance of his personality and coding skill took on the new challenge of teaching others coding. Recently certified through Microsoft in HTML/CSS & Javascript, Mark continues to enjoy his career as an assistant instructor at Boise CodeWorks Idaho's Premiere Coding Bootcamp.