What and Why of Cloud Computing

Stephen Spector
4:30-5:45, Hatch B


This talk will focus on the basics of cloud computing with an emphasis on how cloud emerged as a solution for the industry, why cloud is so important, what cloud computing is (the basics), and where the industry is trending next. No technical background is required for this talk as we will not dive into how cloud works from a technical perspective. Attend this talk to understand the latest big deal in computing and be prepared to impress your friends with all you learn :)

Presenter Bio

Stephen brings 23+ years of experience in the IT industry having developed real-time embedded software, founding developer programs in mid 90’s, managing 2 open source communities, and building global alliance and licensing programs. Prior to joining RackN, Stephen delivered global marketing programs for cloud solutions at HPE/HP and Dell and managed the OpenStack and the Xen.org open source communities at Rackspace and Citrix Systems. Mr. Spector is a native Buckeye living in Boise. He received a Bachelors of Computer Engineering from The Ohio State University, a Masters of Computer Science from University of Florida, and a Masters of Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University. Follow at @SpectorID