A playful coding introduction for 3rd-6th grade learners and parents

Coach Newton Antoniuk
11:10-12:25, Jordan B
Youth Track


A playful session for 3rd - 6th grade novices who are ready to launch their exploration into coding concepts. Coach Newton will share the world-renowned curricula from code.org to guide young learners into individual age appropriate online sessions. Each student will have a login that enables individual progress beyond the Boise Code Camp presentation with ongoing guidance from Coach Newton as an option. If interested, young learners will receive a Panucation Knowledge Band (lanyard) and those completing their first session will have earned their first silver Knowledge Token they can take home to mark their efforts. Bring your Chrome browser laptop or tablet with headphones and start your learning journey! Still learning, Coach Newton Antoniuk

Presenter Bio

As a Technology Education Ambassador, Coach Newton's essential intent is to share a playful introduction of coding concepts (computer science) to elementary school learners and teachers using code.org and Scratch. Please feel free to reach out to him at Panucation to jointly explore opportunities for "Engaged Learning for an Evolving World."™