Introduction to WPF 3D Graphics Programming

Tsun Mok
1:40-2:55, Hatch D


3D graphics programming is often a daunting task and can get quite hairy with all those vectors, matrices, not to mention hit testing and texture mapping. Luckily, Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) provides a rich developer-friendly classes to help simplify and speed up the use of 3D in your applications. This session will spend a little time on the core concept and then jump in code demo of key features WPF 3D graphics.

Presenter Bio

25 years software development experience. Senior software engineer at Blue Cross Of Idaho (since August 2016 to present) 19+ years as software engineer at SuperValu/Albertsons since 1997 Boise Code Camp speaker on Android Development in 2015 and JavaFX in 2016.