Unity Virtual Reality Game Development

Cody Steen
3:05-4:20, Barnwell


Virtual reality is one of the cornerstones to what our future tech-interactions will be. Hardly anything is more exciting than being completely immersed in a wildly different environment and becoming lost in your curiosity, exploration, and imagination. Having the ability to create something like this yourself is simply amazing. In this session you will learn how to create a game for VR. You'll obtain the knowledge of how to make the player feel more immersed in your environments. And you'll see how a local virtual reality development company constructs their own reality based on their years of experience and experimentation.

Presenter Bio

Cody founded Mobile Mischief in early 2011 with his first Google Playstore game: Caroler Chaos. Since then, Cody has cultivated his mobile gaming development into an immersive VR company. He has competed in multiple VR developing competitions, participated on panels for VR development, and is a mulit-award winning developer. His current accomplishments include being the lead developer for RiseAngle Inc., designing and architecting Mobile Mischief’s own VR Zombie Apocalypse, and promoting VR/AR opportunities to his local community though expos and booths.