Thinking Inside the Box - An Introduction to Docker Compose

Marcus Lyons
4:30-5:45, Alexander


Setting up a project typically comes with a set of instructions, build steps, dependencies, all the fun things no one talks about when you get started. Have you ever gotten to the end of all that fun stuff, and inevitably it doesn’t work? There were steps missing, implied or you were expected to know them from previous education/projects? Enter Docker Compose. Docker Compose lets you take those complicated instructions, and replace them with a few simple commands. You’ll be able to get a new dev box up, running, and shipping before you know it, letting you turn those complicated instructions into a few easily replicated steps.

Presenter Bio

Software Developer at Freeman in Eagle. Taming the LAMP stack to improve audience engagement in the events industry. Enjoy spending time with my family, and teaching my boys new ways to explore the world around them.