Progressive Web Apps

Tom Day
3:05-4:20, Trueblood


According to a ComScore Mobile App Report, the top 1000 mobile websites receive 270% more monthly visitors than the top 1000 native apps. "Progressive Web App", frequently referred to as PWA, is simply a term describing a web app that can take advantage of many of the features native applications typically enjoy. With PWA technologies, developers can provide native-app qualities in web apps that are reliable, fast, and engaging. And PWA's reduce the steps between discovery and installation, thereby eliminating much of the friction of getting an app installed. This session will cover the purpose of PWA’s and the problems they solve, as well as the technologies and concepts essential to PWA’s, including service workers, the Fetch API, the Cache API, and home screen installation.

Presenter Bio

Tom has been developing software since his days as a Technical Instructor in the US Navy. He has worked in the Boise area since the early 90's, creating a wide range of applications that include factory automation, consumer desktop apps, e-commerce backends, and web app front-ends. Tom has extensive experience as a technical trainer, likes to dabble with IoT controllers, and has won multiple competition BBQ awards.