Simple SumoBot Summary

Phil Hayward
9:45-11:00, Jordan B


Come learn the basics of programming a Sparkfun RedBot! I'll cover basics about the hardware, then jump in to how to program it for a Sumo Bot competition. I'll primarily be using Blockly, a Scratch-like programming environment, but will also be touching briefly on Wiring, the C++ derived standard Arduino programming language. Immediately following the presentation, we will begin the fourth annual Boise Code Camp Sumo Competition!

Presenter Bio

I love building stable and performant systems. Here's a few highlights of projects I got a lot of satisfaction out of: I reworked a backup system at Eclipse hosting that tripled the speed of backups, and made them more reliable and easier to restore from. I improved a fragmented firmware distribution process while working on a system test team at Intel. I centralized the necessary files for the systems under test so the testing team only needed to ensure they were up to date with the combined firmware distribuition, saving hours of work each week for each team member. I am currently working on a centralized software management system at Clearwater Analytics. We use it to release and deploy hundreds of projects to thousands of servers on an ongoing basis. In my spare time, I spend time with my family, volunteer with the local Cub Scout pack, tend my home and yard, and from time to time play around with 3D printing and robotics.