Agile Transformation Sucks (But it's worth it)

Jason Dean
3:05-4:20, Lookout


So you want your business to do Agile? Are you sure? Agile Transformation, like any significant change initiative, is daunting at best, and can lead to catastrophic failure at worst. Why? Organizations are complex and dynamic organisms that have been designed to work with a particular mindset. When you start to change the thinking, suddenly we start having crashes with how the system operates. Most importantly, people don't like, or are at least bad at, dealing with change. So is the trade-off worth it? Absolutely! (If you can hold it together.) Come learn how to get started the right way, so you don't find yourself on the outside looking in, and so that the business really sees the benefits of an Agility mindset and practices.

Presenter Bio

I serve Micron IT in their transformation to an Agile way of thinking and working. I work to enable the organization to adopt Agile practices and behaviors, thought processes, and apply the concepts and principles of Agility to the problem of delivering the best possible solutions to our customers. I am part of an Agile Transformation team and a group of leaders who are partnering to help teams, programs, and organizations mature in their Agile journey, and take Micron to an entirely new level of hyper-competitive capability.