The Tie Between Emotional Intelligence and Successful ScrumMasters

Kevin McManus
9:45-11:00, Hatch D


As a ScrumMaster, the most important factor to your success and your team's success is your emotional intelligence. Your ability to successfully communicate, collaborate, facilitate discussions, present options and build trusting relationships is the foundation by which your team will grow and succeed. Developing software is a complex activity that requires the coordination of a diverse set of skills to come together in pursuit of a common objective. As a ScrumMaster, your role is to create an environment for success, model the values of Scrum (commitment, courage, focus, openness and respect) and be a servant leader. This session will describe how organizations can successfully instill an agile mindset by building a foundation of servant leaders that possess high emotional intelligence.

Presenter Bio

Kevin McManus has 28 years experience in the IT industry spanning Systems Administration, Software Development, Software Engineering Management and Technical Training. He is an agile practitioner, trainer and coach with over 13 years agile transformation experience working with some of the world's most recognized companies. His passion is melding the capabilities of technology with the creativity and ingenuity of highly talented people to produce exceptional results for both individuals and organizations. This passion led to the creation of ikuw Solutions, Inc., (ikuw is pronounced "IQ"), a people and technology company that specializes in helping organizations and people transform information into knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Specialties: Professional Agile Trainer/Coach, Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Lean Software Development, LASD, Kanban, Software Engineering Best Practices, Iterative & Incremental Development.