A Brief introduction to PowerShell, and why every windows User should know about it

Ryan Coates
1:40-2:55, Ah Fong


PowerShell 101 is a simple introduction to PowerShell, and the power avaialble to you under to hood of your Windows system. PowerShell is over a decade old and has been present in every version of Windows since XP, and is now available on Linux and MacOS in the form of PowerShell Core, it brings a powerful object based shell built on top of .NET to your fingers and allows you to automate almost every aspect of your computing needs, as well as providing a fun and easy to use introduction to Object Orientated Programming

Presenter Bio

Ryan is the Azure Practice Lead at PCM, one of the nations largest resellers and heads up a team of Azure and Cloud platform resources across the nation. Always interested in 'the next best thing' Ryan has had a distinguished career as a Virtualization and Datacenter consultant prior to picking up the cloud mantle first with AWS and for the last five years focusing on Microsoft Azure Today Ryan drives DevOps practices into places they were never intended to be used, utilizing modern automation and testing frameworks to deliver a more professional and capable consulting practice. Also, Ryan likes beer.