Stop the Waste and Get Out of (Technical) Debt

Richard Hundhausen
9:45-11:00, Lookout


The problem with doing things in a quick and dirty way, is that the dirty remains long after the quick is gone. Today’s software developers are constantly making trade-offs of time and quality in order to deliver working software on time. As we code, we suspect that there is a better, cleaner way to solve the problem at hand. Since we have forecasts, goals, and commitments to achieve we can’t invest an inordinate amount of time locating the optimal answer. Solutions that are “fit for purpose” are good enough. In this session you will learn where waste and technical debt come from and, more importantly, some techniques for reducing and possibly removing them all together. Learning Objectives: * Learn what technical debt is and how it's caused * Learn how Agile software development practices prevents debt * Learn how to identify it and pay it off

Presenter Bio

Richard is the president of Accentient, a company that helps software teams deliver better products by understanding and leveraging Scrum and DevOps. He is a certified Professional Scrum Trainer, Visual Studio and Development Technologies MVP, author of Professional Scrum Development with Microsoft Visual Studio, and co-creator of the Scaled Professional Scrum framework. As a software developer and consultant with over 30 years of experience, he understands that software is built and delivered by people and not by processes or tools.