The Light Side of Testing: Whitebox Testing

3:05-4:20, Alexander


Whitebox Testing involves testing software with deep knowledge of the internals of the code. This is a survey presentation, covering a broad set of topics meant to expand your interests and provide self-study opportunities. We will cover: * Schools of Thought: Where we have been, why testing has changed. * Limits: Why you need both the light and dark sides. * Techniques: Static Analysis, Security Analysis, Unit, Integration and System Testing * Tooling to make that blackbox system more white. * Automation techniques, including both white and blackbox techniques. Almost none of the content here will be a repeat of the Blackbox Testing presentation. While it is not required, it is recommended that you attend the Blackbox Testing presentation.

Presenter Bio

Jeremy Carey-Dressler (aka JCD) is an automation tester and toolsmith. He has been testing hardware, software and firmware across multiple industries for over 15 years, with a special focus in automation. He teaches and lectures at conferences while continuing to search for new ways to push the boundaries of automated testing in order to improve the craft.