Learning Git in Reverse

Kenny Ballou
11:10-12:25, Hatch B


Learning Git in Reverse is a counter-intuitive approach to learning Git but adds value to the everyday use of the tool as we will discuss the internals of Git and how that leads to a better mental model and understanding of Git and its internals. We will discuss Git objects, Git trees, and Git commits, as they exist internally. Then we will go through the actual use of Git, different merging patterns, and different workflows that can be used with Git. Finally, we will round the talk out with a discussion on best practice and other common suggestions to better boost the use of Git.

Presenter Bio

I am a life-long learner, developer, mathematician, and overall thinker. I enjoy solving problems and learning about technologies and discussing new and different ideas. I graduated from Boise State University, majoring in Applied Mathematics and minored in Computer Science. I’ve been programming professionally for nearly a decade and currently am working as a site reliability engineer for HomeCU, LLC, in Boise, Idaho. Outside of developing professionally, I am active in the open source community, contributing where I can. When I am not developing, I enjoy reading, learning, and shredding the local mountains.