Visibility and Transparency - Transforming Business Data Into Actionable Information

Michael Chacon
9:45-11:00, Hatch A


This session discusses a framework that supports the transformation of business data into actionable information and how to prioritize initiatives based upon the potential self-described value derived from those initiatives. I will talk through the structure and functionality of working out the inevitable conflicting priorities when including large swaths of the organization. I will also facilitate the discussion regarding the practicalities of managing the interactions and impediments identified through representing the various organizational areas. This is accomplished by specific representatives for each area to clearly and authoritatively define their unique requirements. This framework considers these disparate voices and helps the organization prioritize the overall work. Following the Agile/Lean visibility of work principles provides a view into the work from all areas of the organizational perspective. This visibility makes it easy to see if all areas are appropriately represented and that all prioritization of work considers the overall picture of functional implementation.

Presenter Bio

Michael has been facilitating organizations at the intersection of people, process and technology for over 25 years. This includes coaching teams on intentional and methodical approaches to solution prioritization, particularly regarding problem refinement, iterative value delivery, breaking down desired functionality into actionable work. Michael has been a featured speaker at technical and business conferences in Europe, Australia, Asia, and throughout the United States. He has published several books and dozens of peer reviewed articles covering the intersection of people, process, and technology. Michael is also an adjunct professor at Boise State University in the College of Business and Economics.