Incentivizing FOSS: Blockchain Tokenomics and Open Source

Gregg Irwin
11:10-12:25, Barnwell


Certain blockchains support "tokens", like a digital version of what you use at arcades, when you put cash in a machine and get "not real money" coins. Imagine if you shared your tokens with people who showed you how to play a game better, mapped out levels, or gave talks on how the games work. Would more people help and share their knowledge? Would you? What if it helped you build reputation? What if you could use your tokens other places? This session is about how we could create this future, where contributors are compensated for code, bug reports, docs, help in chat, tutorials, or even Code Camp presentations.

Presenter Bio

I have developed software professionally since 1991, and have over 400 books on my shelves related to computers and software development. Five of the top ten banks in the U.S. have used software I architected and implemented a large part of. I designed and developed an engine that dynamically generated ~4,000 Visual Basic forms from an AS/400 system for a large healthcare company. A school system management company generated over a million lines of VB from COBOL sources using my tools. I've written production code in ~10 languages, studied ~25 more, and lived through Structured, OO, RAD, Rational, Agile, TDD/BDD, and DDD methodology changes. I've been involved in every phase of software development, in diverse environments, taking many systems from inception to end-of-life. I've presented at conferences for Microsoft and Intersystems, as well as at BCC and other community conferences, and was one of the first 4 VB MVPs in the world.