Angular vs. React - Framework Deathmatch

Jeremy Zerr
11:10-12:25, Alexander


Tabs vs. Spaces. Vi vs. Emacs. Angular vs. React. All arguments we have when among friends (the nerdy ones). We will be covering modern Angular 5 vs. React, framework battle to the death. As a part of my consulting work with Zerrtech, we have gotten a chance to build with both frameworks on various types of projects, and would like to share our view of both. We will compare two identical web apps coded with each to show real, working code comparisons. We will show how to use each with redux, webpack, command line tools, debugging, routing, TypeScript, to show you what is possible with each. We will also classify which types of apps/products may fit better with one or the other to help with any upcoming projects.

Presenter Bio

Technical founder of Zerrtech, contract software development company located in Boise. Co-organizer of Boise Frontend Developer meetup, web frontend software specialist.